The FMR Extensive Experience


What Is FMR?

“Fluid Movement Reprocessing” (FMR) is an integrative trauma therapy designed to make deep-rooted traumatic experiences more accessible for healing. FMR utilizes holistic techniques including Breathwork, Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy and EMDR.

These holistic techniques are used in isolation, simultaneously and/or interchangeably throughout your entire FMR session. This allows for a more fluid and integrative therapeutic process that best suits your individual needs.

The FMR Extensive Experience offers the opportunity for a highly individualized, condensed form of treatment to accelerate your overall therapeutic progress into a shorter period of time. This treatment consists of concentrated sessions lasting hours per day for 3 consecutive days of treatment. The benefit of this extensive and condensed treatment is that you are giving the brain and nervous system a better opportunity to adapt and to be reinforced, compared to the traditional 60-minute weekly appointment.

The FMR Extensive Experience allows for a highly individualized therapeutic approach because the therapist and client are responding to the brain and nervous system in real time, as opposed to weekly or monthly check-ins.


The Value of FMR:

The fluidity of FMR allows flexibility to sequence or select the best treatment modality in real time . This eliminates delays associated with traditional therapy. This flexibility ensures that the mind and the body are getting what is necessary in order for re-processing and adaptive resolution to be completed in the brain and the nervous system.FMR drastically expands what we call "Optimal Therapeutic Progression" (OTP) which is the window of time where the most therapeutic value can be gained from your treatment. 5 hours of consecutive treatment, over a 3-day period, enhances your overall OTP that leadsto accelerated therapeutic results.

Navigating your therapy session within the OTP window has been described by our clients as being in “flow state” or being “in the zone.” Once a client enters this window, the therapist uses the necessary modalities to keep the client in the zone until adaptive resolution is completed.

By comparison, traditional 60-minute therapy sessions have low “Optimal Therapeutic Progression” (OTP), because of the time needed for clients to comfortably settle into their sessions and then transition out when time is up. These traditional 60-minute weekly or monthly sessions lose momentum and do not allow for sustained concentration of therapy.

You may have experienced therapy sessions where you feel like you’re just getting to the root of the issue and then you notice it’s time to close out the session. This is an example of low OTP. While insights and progress may have been made within that short period of time, the momentum and flow of the session is forcing the client to wait until the following week to start again.

We value our clients' time, effort, and investment in the therapy process. The FMR Extensive Experience is a therapy model created by Alex Dixon for those who are ready to embark on the next phase of their therapeutic journey.


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5 hours of consecutive treatment, over a 3-day period, enhances your overall OTP leading to accelerated therapeutic results.

Is FMR Right For You?

FMR is right for you if you have experienced a history of traumatic experiences that have led to PTSD and/or Complex PTSD symptoms. While you may have tried traditional talk therapy and CBT approaches, FMR is a cognitive and somatic-based approach that allows the mind and body to heal from trauma. Research shows that trauma is stored in the body. Trauma therapy is much more than just sharing the story of the event; rather it is the emotions and physical sensations that were imprinted during the traumatic experience that are re-experienced not as memories but as disruptive physical reactions in the present day. FMR addresses these somatic flashbacks and allows the brain to resume its natural processing of experiences and emotions.




  • Deeply rooted, subconscious emotions, belief systems, and behaviors are not easily accessible using traditional talk therapy. The CBT modality itself is limited, and 60-minutes is an unrealistic amount of time to develop insights and create change.

  • Our therapeutic model not only uses the necessary modalities to address both cognitive and somatic blocks, but also gives the brain and nervous system a realistic amount of time to reinforce change.

  • New clients will have an initial consultation with Alex Dixon via phone call to briefly discuss presenting problems and goals for treatment. Current clients can discuss the opportunity at any time.
  • After a consultation, a 60-minute evaluation session will be completed where client’s should come prepared to share more context and background.
    • Prep work begins two weeks prior to the FMR session. Client’s will complete the prep work process in the state of hypnosis.
    • FMR session: 3 consecutive days, 5 hours of treatment a day.
    • Integration is a two week process that follows the FMR session 3-7 days later. Clients will meet 1-2 times per week.
  • FMR is not covered by insurance because FMR does not use the traditional 60 minutes weekly session model. Our program of 5 hours of consecutive treatment, over a 3 day period, enhances your overall OTP and leads to accelerated therapeutic results.
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