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Trauma and Stress Related Therapy

Do you find yourself feeling stuck in the past, revisiting old memories, and struggling to stay present in the moment? Maybe you have been experiencing an overwhelming amount of emotion and don't know where it is coming from. Old emotions often times find their way back to the surface if they have gone unresolved for some time.

You may have thoughts like
"why am I still thinking about this, it happen so long ago"? "I thought I got over that, why does it still bother me"? "Am I ever going to be able to move on from that"? Maybe there are no memories but you feel a deep sense that something bad happened in the past.

What Is Trauma?

Trauma is an event that overwhelms the mind and body, shifting the way we think and recall memories. Traumatic experiences can leave people trapped in a state of fear and helplessness. It can be an experience where nothing you do can stop what's happening to you and leaves you feeling unsafe in your body. 

You may be familiar with the terms Fight, Flight, and Freeze which are common symptoms of trauma that leave people feeling like they are in a constant state of survival mode. There are many different experiences that can be identified as traumatic events such as:​

  • Physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.

  • Bullying.

  • Community violence.

  • Experiencing or witnessing domestic violence.

  • Natural Disasters.

  • Serious accidents.

  • Separation from a parent.

  • Abandonment and neglect.

  • Poverty.

  • Toxic relationships and divorce. 

The reality of it is, the mind and the body can only block things out for so long. If left unresolved, it's not uncommon for people to start re-enacting trauma in their present lives. Leading to self-sabotaging behaviors, dysfunctional relationships, hiding from the world, finding yourself in trouble, or numbing the pain with drugs or alcohol.

Step out of your past and be present in your life

Does Therapy Help?

In order to heal from trauma you have to process the thoughts and emotions associated with the event. You being here right now is a step in the right direction. Your pursuit to find relief and accomplish your goals is intertwined within the therapeutic process. I commend you for taking this next step and getting started today.

The insurmountable avoidance and the fear of addressing trauma is hard. I get it, which is why you don't have to do it alone. I can help. Your path towards healing and growth starts today. Living a happy and healthy lifestyle may require you to address the things that you don't want to look at. We can do it together. A collaborative approach to discovering a happier you is much easier than doing it alone. It's okay to ask for support.

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Trauma & Stress therapy in Plymouth, MI

Certified in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy through the, I can help you re-process and desensitize the emotions associated with traumatic experiences. The hypnotherapy process allows you to revisit traumatic events in an emotionally safe way without being re-traumatized. Break the cycle of reliving trauma and move forward today. 

Reach Out Today!

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