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My Services

I work with children, adolescents, and adults focusing on a variety of different mental health conditions such as:

Trauma and Stress related disorders
Anxiety and Depression
Mood disorders
Oppositional/Defiant behaviors
Obsessive compulsive behaviors

Getting Started

Beginning therapy shouldn't have to be a tough process. My goal is to make getting started as comfortable as possible. The better you feel before we start, the more at ease you'll feel when sessions begin. My experience has shown me that scheduling a 15 minute phone consultation offers the best opportunity for you to get a feel if my services are the right option for you and whether or not you feel we will be a good fit to work together. If the client and therapist are not a good fit, it is unlikely you will find value out of therapy. 

During this phone call I will ask you a few questions about your situation, get an idea of some symptoms you may be experiencing, and give you some perspective on what our treatment approach may look like. I will also give you some information on the benefits you would get out of my services. If you feel like my services will be a good fit for your, we will move forward to scheduling our first appointment and I will send you some paperwork to be completed prior to our first session.

First Session

Our first session will be focused on building a relationship, gathering additional information, and determining a frequency that we feel is appropriate for you to meet. Gathering additional information is part of the therapeutic process during the first session However, based on the content we are discussing and the reasons you are seeking out treatment, it can sometimes be emotionally distressing. Don't worry, we will go at a pace that works best for you. Leaving the first session feeling uncomfortable is unnecessary and ineffective. The goal here is to begin building a strong therapeutic relationship


The frequency of sessions varies for everybody. Generally I start out meeting with clients 1xweek to continue building momentum in the therapy process. There are situations where I will see clients 2xweek or 3xweek depending on the severity of the situation. As things start to progress, it is common to cut back to bi-weekly appointments or monthly appointments. Treatment could last anywhere from 3 months to 6 months or up a year or more. This is all based on the severity of the situation, client preferences, and what the clinician and client feel is most appropriate. 


  • BCBS

  • United Healthcare

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