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How Exercise Can Improve Stress

We can’t necessarily avoid it, but we can improve it!

By: Melissa Tijerino

Let’s face it, we can’t avoid stress. It’s an inevitable part of life, but we can help reduce it in plenty of ways!

Most adults in the USA have expressed feeling stress or anxiety on a daily basis, and most say it interferes (at least a little bit) with their everyday lives, routines and tasks.

Stress is almost impossible to eliminate and can happen at any given time, but you sure can learn how to manage it better! That’s what this new blog post is all about, STRESS…. and how to manage it so you aren’t feeling like a huge stress ball by dinner time!

So Why Does Exercising Help Reduce Stress?

Well, exercising is actually one of the healthiest and effective ways to reduce feelings of stress. Exercising actually releases endorphins in your brain, which are usually known as a “Natural Painkiller”

AND if you’re really consistent, working out at least 3-4 times a week can encourage your brain to release endorphins on a more regular basis, which in return, can improve your mood significantly!

Working out also helps your body lower stress hormones. To make things simple, the release of endorphins combined with the reduction of stress hormones helps you feel calm and in more control of your life!

Now let’s get into the types of exercises that will help you curb some of the stress you’re feeling!


This exercise serves as a form of meditation and relaxation! Those who participate in Yoga experience a variety of physical benefits including, improved circulation, better flexibility and a stronger core. Attending yoga sessions regularly can reduce your chances of developing high blood pressure and heart disease.

Yoga practitioners also receive training on how to obtain peace of mind that could lead to stress and anxiety


Cardio can include cycling, swimming and running and are AMAZING for the heart and lungs! Cardio can also be a form of meditation for some, due to the fact that it can be done over a long period of time instead of quick and powerful exercises like deadlifts.

These types of exercises can be most effective for managing stress in the morning so you can start your day off with the release of endorphins!

Extra exercises..

Martial arts From karate to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, various forms of martial arts are effective ways to reduce anxiety and stress! For what reasons? Because you’re training with other people.

Many martial art exercises and techniques require a training partner, this socializing is a great way to release endorphins, create a connection, and feel less stressed.

Martial arts provide a community to learn from on a consistent basis.

The Usual Stroll

No shame here, walking is actually super beneficial! Even if you’re getting out and walking for only 20 minutes a day, trust me this will improve your mood and make a huge difference just by adding this quick step to your routine! Maybe you’ll end up running instead of walking for 20 minutes, who knows?

It’s all about how you’re feeling and even the weather honestly! No one wants to go out when it’s raining and run laps! (unless you do, again no shame here!)

Choosing What Works for YOU!

Ultimately it’s up to you to decide and figure out what types of exercises you like and make you feel good! Always be open to trying new things, like swimming for example! You just might be surprised by how much you enjoy it!

Exercise is not a one size fits all, you have to feel them out, get comfortable and depending on if you have any medical conditions, these are all factors you’ll have to consider when you might think it’s not working out! (no pun intended)

Not into Exercise?

No worries, not everyone is a huge fan of it! There’s also so many other ways to reduce stress!

One of those ways is (you guessed it) THERAPY!! Therapy isn’t a last resort, it means you’re a human who needs help. Which is completely normal.

If you’re having trouble feeling motivated and are enhancing your stress, then therapy might be perfect for you, why not give it a shot?

At Alex Dixon Therapy, we’ll get down to the bottom of these feelings and why they might be happening. Do it for yourself, to be the best version of yourself!

Schedule a call with me here, I look forward to helping you become the person you’ve always wanted to be!

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