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Certified Clinical Hypnotist


  • Hypnosis is considered an altered state of consciousness that allows the rational mind to take a back seat and for the subconscious mind to be more accessible. 

  • Allows for a heightened state of concentration that will assist with focusing on specific topics

  • Is a very relaxed state to be in and helps create a calm and comforting environment to engage in therapeutic work

  • You are fully aware of what you are saying, where you are, and you will remember everything about the session

  • You are NOT unconscious in hypnosis, you are working within the subconscious mind

What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic process that helps you gain insight and perspective into intrusive thought patterns, complex emotions, subconscious belief systems, repressed/suppressed emotional and behavioral patterns that will ultimately lead to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

An easy way to think of Hypnotherapy is Hypnosis + Psychotherapy= Hypnotherapy. Some other benefits include:


  • Extinguish the intensity of anxiety, panic, or fear

  • Develop emotional identification skills and learn to regulate the nervous system and emotional brain

  • Desensitize emotions associated with trauma

  • Dig deeper into the root cause of the distress or get to the source of the issue

  • Develop new healthy belief systems and affirmations that reinforce new healthy behaviors 

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Hypnotherapy in Plymouth, MI

Certified in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy through the, I can help you get to the source of the issue. Covering a variety of different mental health concerns, hypnotherapy has shown to be effective in assisting you do deep underlying emotional work associated with events or traumas and integrates processing work on a cognitive level to help you see the overall pattern in your life. While traditional talk therapy, primarily a cognitive process, is effective; Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy targets the emotional work and the cognitive work at the same time. 

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