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                EMDR Therapy

What is EMDR?

Dr. Francine Shapiro discovered EMDR while out on a walk. She noticed that while thinking about a traumatic or difficult memory, she found relief when her eyes moved left to right.

Now EMDR is well known as an effective treatment for trauma that helps people move on from their past without experiencing the intense emotions associated with the memory.

EMDR is an evidence-based practice that helps treat trauma, PTSD, and anxiety symptoms. It’s an effective approach that puts people in a better position to create their future.

What makes EMDR effective...

Stressed... Overwhelmed... Anxious...?

We've got you covered here at Alex Dixon Therapy PLLC. Using EMDR we will:

  • Stimulate the brain in ways that lead to processing unprocessed or unhealed memories

  • Decrease emotional intensity of the memory or "desensitization"

  • Uncover "blocking beliefs" that reinforce the re-experiencing symptoms of the memory

  • Create new healthy belief systems and teaches how to reinforce them

  • Help you work through memories, sensations, and emotions through the brains natural processing system

Experiencing trauma leads to: 

  • An overload to the brains natural healing ability for memories

  • Ineffective emotional processing

  • Stored emotions, sensations, and thoughts associated with the memory


What exactly does EMDR treatment look like?

  • During EMDR, the therapist will guide the client through a particular protocol that involves “bilateral stimulation”. Bilateral stimulation is when both sides of the brain are being stimulated. 

  • The therapist will use alternating audio sounds that from play from ear to ear or use paddles that sit in the palm of your hand and vibrate alternately. 

  • As the client is experiencing the bilateral stimulation they are to focus their attention on the traumatic memory being addressed. This allows the traumatic memory to finish processing in the brain and can significantly decrease the intensity of the emotions associated with the memory.

The goal of EMDR is to achieve comprehensive, highly effective, and fast results in reducing the intensity of emotions associate with trauma and anxiety

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